NYSBA Protects the Interests of New York Builders and Contractors


Image: NYSBA.com

Eclectic Builders dedicates itself to providing high-quality renovation and remodeling services across New York. Improving home interiors for more than a decade, Eclectic Builders holds memberships with organizations such as GuildQuality and the New York State Builders Association (NYSBA).

The NYSBA is a nonprofit organization that advocates for construction projects within the state of New York. Founded in 1951, it offers exclusive services that assist in the expansion of its members’ construction businesses.

Membership with the NYSBA comes with several advantages. Members can opt for stormwater training services, for instance, to learn more about erosion and sediment control (ESC). They can also receive travel discounts and save money on hotels, cruises, and activities. Aside from that, the NYSBA offers a general liability insurance designed to cover the needs of builders and contractors.

Members of the NYSBA benefit from the assistance of full-time lobbyists watching over issues that affect New York’s building industry. With the aim to protect its members’ interests, the lobbyists strive to work against legislation that can prove disadvantageous to the industry.


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